What type of results can I expect?
Results depends on the student and how much time they are willing to commit to practice. Everybody has a different learning curve time frame. Students who stick to their practice program will improve quicker then students who don’t practice. Short game (putting, chipping, pictching and sand play) are smaller swings and generally students pick up on these shots quickly. The full swing takes longer, but will certainly be improved.

Should I take lessons if I don’t have much time to practice?
Ideally practicing after a lesson is the best way to improve. However Tim sends each student a video highlight of the fundamentals discussed in the lesson. Students who review the video once every few days will certainly get great results. Reviewing the video will keep the swing changes fresh in your mind and ready for your next round of golf.

How much do you charge?
Lessons cost $75 for 45 minutes. This includes video analysis and take home notes. Two people can come for an hour and the cost is $50 each. Or three people can come for an hour and the cost is $40 per person.

How will I remember the recommendations from the lesson?
Post lesson each student is emailed the notes and video highlights from the lesson. This allows them to review the recommendations and keep the information fresh in their mind.

Where are the lessons conducted?
Lessons are conducted at Lone Pine Golf Club, which is located on Military Trail just south of Blue Heron. Lone Pine has a great driving range with perfect grass to hit off. In addition the putting and chipping green are great for practicing short game.

What type of students do you specialize in?
Tim enjoys and has experience teaching all levels of golfers. The game of golf always leaves room for improvement. There for golfers can always make changes that will improve their games.