Lessons include

What to expect from a golf lesson

Changing a golf swing takes time and hard work. During the lesson you will receive a clear and simple understanding of what needs to be changed in your swing and how to make the change. Understanding the concept is the first step in the journey. During the lesson you should definitely expect to hit a few exceptional shots. However reaching your full potential will take hard work, practice and dedication. Through practice of the proper fundamentals your swing will become more consistent and your shots will dramatically improve.

How to get better at golf

Have a clear and simple understanding of what needs to be changed in your swing.
Create a precise practice routine/program that goes over what and how you should be practicing to achieve results.
Follow up lessons
With hard work, practice and dedication anybody can improve at golf

Tim’s job

Teach using the students learning style (for example some people are visual learners while others are auditory and like to hear the information.
Communicate a clear and simple understanding of the fundamentals that need to be changed
Do not over whelm the student with information
Video Properly
Write clear and easy to understand notes
Create a practice program that if executed by the student will improve their golf game

Students job

Ask questions
Review the notes/video frequently
Practice and follow the program